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Autonomous cars, also known as self-driving cars or driverless cars, are vehicles that can operate without human input.

The 13 Real Traffic Safety Questions We Should Be Asking

What 13 questions about American traffic safety should we be really asking? And how can we answer them and save lives?

A September Update

Hello again! I hope you have all had a lovely summer. It has been a while, and I had not intended for this much time to have passed since my last blog post. The craziness of travel and work this spring just blurred right into the solstice months, and now it is nearly autumn. But, […]

Seeking Your Input: Thoughts on Driver-Assistance Technology

In the very near future, I’ll be writing a major article in Roundel magazine (the national publication of the BMW Car Club of America [CCA]) that covers the advanced driver-assistance systems of the new BMWs. These systems (called ADAS) include gee-whiz features like variable cruise control, automatic emergency braking, collision-avoidance, lane departure warning, lane keeping […]

What’s the Big Deal with Self-Driving Cars, Anyway?

These days, you can’t go a week without hearing something in the news media about self-driving cars and autonomous driving. So what is it all about, and what could it mean for you? You might be surprised to hear that this has been around longer than you might suspect. As far back as 1939, futuristic […]

The 13 Real Traffic Safety Questions We Should Be Asking

The Ultimate Ebook on Road-Tripping Driving Safety

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