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National Passenger Safety Week: Reporting to Law Enforcement

This week is National Passenger Safety Week, and here’s another way passengers can help themselves and others stay safe—reporting dangerous driving to law enforcement.

National Passenger Safety Week: How to Defuse an Angry Driver

As passengers, we’ve all had the experience of being uncomfortable when another person is driving us. It could be our spouse, partner, grown child, friend, or parent. It could be someone we’ve known all our lives or a stranger we barely met a few minutes ago. Regardless of who or what the situation is, we […]

25 Ways Passengers Can Keep Themselves —and Others—Safe

With National Passenger Safety Week almost here, what can you do to help make sure as a passenger that you and others stay safe? Here are 25 tips!

National Passenger Safety Week: The Courage to Speak Up and Intervene

During National Passenger Safety Week we all must have the courage speak up to prevent needless deaths from drunk, drugged, and distracted driving.

Empowering Crash Survivors: Dawne McKay of Crash Support Network

Our guest, Dawne McKay, is the founder of Crash Support Network, an organization that provides support and resources to survivors of motor vehicle crashes.

The 13 Real Traffic Safety Questions We Should Be Asking

What 13 questions about American traffic safety should we be really asking? And how can we answer them and save lives?

Guest Profile: Will Thornton, Author of Are We There Yet?

Happy Fall! This month, I’m so pleased to introduce Will Thornton, a driving instructor who teaches near Houston, Texas. Will just wrote a book called Are We There Yet? The Epidemic of Risk, Aggression, and Distraction: Its Impact to our Nation’s Roads, and a Practical Program to End the Resulting Deaths and Wrecks. I’ve known […]

How to Safely Road-Trip During a Pandemic

How do you handle the stir-craziness from being forced to stay at home in a year like no other? Millions of us in North America have canceled or put on hold our summer travel plans because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but we’re pent-up and itching to break out of the confines of our homes to […]

What’s Happening with Driver Training During the Pandemic—and Opportunities

As we all know, the coronavirus pandemic has upended our lives with astonishing speed. Almost no industry has gone untouched, and the same is true for the driver training industry, which depends heavily on teaching and learning in the confined space of the car where social distancing is impossible. As of May 5, the UK’s […]

Call for Contributions: What Are You Doing to Keep Business Going If You’re a Driving Instructor?

As we all know, never in our lifetimes has so much changed so breathtakingly quickly as in the past month with the global coronavirus pandemic. If you’re a driving instructor, I want to hear from you. With in-car training and driving testing/examinations suspended for the indeterminate future, I’m looking to write a blog post about […]

What Coronavirus Means for Road Safety—Plus, How to Best Clean Your Car

As the coronavirus pandemic tests our social fabric and discipline, its far-reaching effects on road safety are sobering, surprising, and—believe it or not—not entirely negative. Plus, learn how to clean your car properly.

Guest Profile: Nate Wagner of This App Saves Lives (TASL)

At DITRW, we get many solicitation requests every month for products and services related to driving safety, and very rarely do they make the cut since they’re often not very effective. However, when Nate Wagner contacted me about his product late last year, This App Saves Lives (TASL), I did a double-take, because it uses […]

Driving in the Real World® Blog

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