As we all know, never in our lifetimes has so much changed so breathtakingly quickly as in the past month with the global coronavirus pandemic. If you’re a driving instructor, I want to hear from you.

With in-car training and driving testing/examinations suspended for the indeterminate future, I’m looking to write a blog post about what the driver training industry in the US, UK, and anywhere else in the world is doing to cope in these incredibly challenging times. I’ve heard that many schools and instructors are scrambling to convert their classroom lesson plans into online courses. Are you doing this? How has your day-to-day life been affected? What creative tactics are you employing to bring in cash flow? Will you continue these adaptations once the pandemic is over to diversify your business and revenue streams? Or, are you using this opportunity to work on business development and special projects that otherwise always get put on the back burner during normal times?

Also, do you have tips for parents with children learning to drive? Is this a good time for them to be going out and practicing with their kids while the streets are relatively calm? And, assuming that once testing facilities and driving schools reopen that an enormous backlog and demand will ensue, what advice can you give parents and kids facing long delays in getting their driver tests?

Please leave a comment to this post, or better yet, email me at [email protected] by April 15. No special formats are needed—just jot down a paragraph or two about your experiences, ideas, and suggestions. Depending on how many of you respond, I’ll do my best to include as many of your comments as I can in the post. Don’t forget to tell me your name, the name of your driving school or organization, and what country you teach in. And feel free to share this post with other colleagues, especially those outside the US; I’m seeking as many perspectives as possible.

Thanks so much in advance for your help, and please stay safe and well.

—Mi Ae