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Driving technique involves skills and behaviors for safe and efficient vehicle operation, encompassing various factors.

Singing on the Ice

These winter days can be extremely treacherous ones on the road, what with sleet, black ice, freezing rain, drifting snow, whiteouts, or any combination thereof blanketing the pavement. Starting in late fall every year, reminders pop up on the radio and news for drivers to be mindful of changing conditions, to slow down, and allow […]

Restarting the Engines

This past summer and fall turned out to be seasons of tremendous overextension for me, both personally and professionally. After May, intentions to write regularly on this blog sadly fell by the wayside like hundreds of soggy, windblown leaves on a stormy day. I traveled a lot this year, especially road trips on an epic […]

Save Gas and Prevent Traffic Jams: Don’t Brake

I estimate that on average I save gas by gaining an extra 50 to 70 miles per tank of fuel by using these techniques, as well as saving extra wear and tear on brake pads and shoes.

Lane Hygiene, Part 2: In the City

Few types of motoring test one’s patience and nerves as driving in a city. If it just weren’t for those damn pedestrians and other cars, city driving would be a whole lot more fun. Cities can be downright petrifying, because there is just so much more of everything to watch out for. A city has […]

Lane Hygiene, Part 1: On the Highway

One problem I see constantly on the road are drivers not knowing how to smoothly and safely navigate their lanes. This is such a ubiquitous issue, one that involves safety, timing, traffic flow, road rage, constant near-misses, and accidents, that it warrants explanation on what the different lanes are for and how to drive in […]

10 Ways To Improve Your Driving Immediately

Don’t try what’s depicted in the photo above while on the move, like I’ve seen some people do. Scary. This week, I am in the middle of both packing for an impending move and getting ready for a long road trip to the frozen Midwest. So this post will be short and sweet, but hopefully, […]

12 Random Thoughts about Driving

In no particular order, here are some random thoughts about cars, driving, and life on the road in general. 1.   In 2010, 50 officers were killed in traffic collisions, including 16 killed by a vehicle while they were outside of their vehicle, and many more injured. Many of these fatalities and injuries were caused by […]

For the Sheer Fun of It

Lest you think that this blog is all about what-you-should-and should-not-do finger-wagging, let’s remember that driving and cars can be FUN as hell. As I related in my first post here, I have always simply adored the sensation of being in motion, particularly from the driver’s seat (not so much as a carsick backseat passenger). […]

New Reflections on Old World Roads

A typical street in Lille. No Navigators or Escalades allowed. I just returned from an 11-day business trip to France, where I was able to get a glimpse of what roads, cars, driving, and transportation are like in a couple of European capitals. There is nothing like traveling to a different country to make one […]

Singing on the Ice

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