At long last, my first-ever ebook on driving tips is now available—The Sound of No Car Crashing: A Guide to Protective Driving! Just visit and follow the opt-in instructions to download.

Its premise is simple: Make a pledge to drive protectively, not defensively. “Defensive” suggests danger and competition when the goal should be to drive for the protection of yourself and others.

This 16-page guide is traffic jam-packed with all sorts of useful, practical information that you can start using the very next time you get behind the wheel. It covers such topics as why we can’t see the obvious right in front of us, how to change bad habits, how to deal with social pressure, and how to safely negotiate parking lots. It also covers distracted driving, what makes a good driver, how to avoid unnecessary risk, keep traffic flowing, and what’s your escape plan if the unexpected arises—and how to avoid such dilemmas in the first place.

I am offering my ebook free of charge until April 1st; after that, it will be available for purchase for $10.00 USD. Or, if you like what you read and want to support my efforts, you can donate through my secure Paypal link on my website (and thank you so much—it takes a lot of time and resources to write quality content).

I hope you will find it useful. Give the gift of protection by spreading the word and sharing it with your friends! And thank you for all of your amazing support. Stay tuned for much more great driving advice in the coming weeks and months…