This past summer and fall turned out to be seasons of tremendous overextension for me, both personally and professionally. After May, intentions to write regularly on this blog sadly fell by the wayside like hundreds of soggy, windblown leaves on a stormy day.

I traveled a lot this year, especially road trips on an epic scale, even for my usual excessive road-tripping standards. As always, hours upon hours spent behind the wheel on the highway is where I do my best thinking, and over the thousands of miles this summer, many things crystallized for me. Among them are a much more precise vision of my upcoming book that is purpose of this blog, a plan of action for my research, and what I’d like to accomplish with my book—which is no less than changing how people drive in America on a national scale. To this end, I plan to take the next year and a half to vigorously research, interview, travel, drive, and learn.

I look forward to sharing these ideas with you in the coming entries, and happily resuming my writing here. Among the upcoming entries this winter will be reflections on learning to drive stick shift, the vagaries of navigating through traffic at Costco, how women can (and should) get more education on caring for their cars, and how singing might be a good thing to do while driving on icy roads.

As always, I would love for you to comment here on the blog, share your experiences and thoughts, and suggest ideas for future blog entries and the book, anytime. The more the merrier!