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Safer driving involves minimizing accidents and injuries by implementing various behaviors. Tips for safer driving help ensure a safer road environment for all.

The Courage to Intervene

Recently I attended a traffic safety conference put on by the Washington Traffic Safety Commission in eastern Washington. As an attendee of the national Lifesavers Highway Safety Conference for the past several years and an outsider (I’m not a researcher, instructor, law enforcement officer, or government employee), I admit that I’ve become a little jaded […]

A Remembrance

At the end of this past March, my father, Dewey Lipe, transitioned in his sleep after a tremendous 14-year journey with Lewy Body dementia and Parkinson’s. Normally, my blog posts here are about driving technique and traffic safety culture, but I wanted to take this moment to remember my dad and how he influenced my […]

Limit Point Analysis—Or, Driving to Stop Safely within the Distance You Can See to Be Clear

About four years ago, I had the pleasure of taking advanced street driving training from Advanced Drivers of North America (ADNA). Until then, I had never heard of one of the mantras of UK driver training, which is “Always drive so you can stop safely within the distance you can see to be clear on […]

Why We Must Drive Better—to Compensate for Others

As a columnist on street driving for a national car magazine, I get a lot of responses from readers. Many are positive and appreciate being better empowered with quality information on driving technique and situational awareness. Others, however, declare that that’s all very well and good, but what about the other drivers who will continue […]

Driving Tips Ebook Now Available! The Sound of No Car Crashing

At long last, my first-ever ebook on driving tips is now available—The Sound of No Car Crashing: A Guide to Protective Driving!

Reading the Road Like a Book

Most of you know that I have a long wish list for improving American driver education and driver behavior. But whether you’re a novice or an experienced driver, something that we all could have used more when we did our driver training is what I call road literacy. What is road literacy? Simply put, it […]

Fun in the Snow—and the Value of Winter Tires

Where I live is an amazing place. Sure, here in Seattle, it rains a lot. In December and January, it’s easier to count the few days (or hours) when the sun shines than tally up the ones where no moisture falls from the sky. But an hour’s drive east transports you from a bustling, maritime […]

A Pledge To Protect in 2018

A warm Happy New Year to you, wherever you hail from! So much has been said, hashed, and rehashed in regard to the year that has just passed us by and the one coming up—words that span all shades of darkness, despair, desire, and hope. Not much more can be declared, it seems, without an […]

Welcome to the New Driving in the Real World!

Something bright and shiny is on an Internet near you—and you’re on it! Welcome to my new Driving in the Real World® website (

The Courage to Intervene

The Ultimate Ebook on Road-Tripping Driving Safety

If you're here looking for my ultimate ebook on road-tripping driving safety, it’s hit a slight detour but it’s still coming your way. In the meantime, feel free to sign up here to be notified as soon as it hits the open road!
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