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Safer driving involves minimizing accidents and injuries by implementing various behaviors. Tips for safer driving help ensure a safer road environment for all.

Distracted Driving & Technology: It’s Not What You Think It Is—It’s Much Worse

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard that distracted driving & technology are a dangerous combination.

Distracted Driving in Washington State in 2017: A Case Study and Why You May Be Already Paying for It

It’s the beginning of March, and Washington State’s 2017 legislative session is almost halfway through. In another month or so, the ultimate fate of several proposed distracted driving bills will be known. We’ve all heard that we shouldn’t drive while using our cell phones. We see countless bad drivers around us paying more attention to […]

Part 2: Anatomy of a Drug Stop with the WSP

A few weeks later, I returned to the Washington State Patrol Training Academy for a very different kind of scenario—the drug stop. This script and setup were elaborate, intending to show cadets both how a drug-sniffing dog works and the legal complexities of such a stop.

Part 1: How I Got Seven DUIs in Two Nights

It started out harmlessly enough. Flashing lights behind me, a pullover to the side of the road. They can’t prove me drunk, I thought. This will be easy. “Hello, ma’am, I’m Officer Bill C_______ with the Washington State Patrol. Just to let you know, everything here is being audio and video-recorded tonight. I stopped you […]

Driving Miss Nelly

Most of you know that I’m the proud owner of a 2009 E90 335i. But you probably don’t know that I just published a major cookbook. And I’m going on book tour to promote it—for about 22 weeks, all around the country, covering around 50,000 miles—every year for the next three years. Considering that my […]

Texting While Driving Has Changed the Way We Travel

This month’s blog post comes to us from David Azizi, a personal injury lawyer in California. Here he talks about the many consequences of texting while driving.

Has Your Driving Mentality Changed?

This month’s blog post comes to us from the talented and prolific Scott Marshall, who is director of training for Young Drivers of Canada and founder of The Safe Driver blog. We are honored to have him share his thoughts on the pitfalls of driver mentality changing over the years. ___________ Let’s face facts; life is busy. […]

How Being a Better Driver Makes You Better at Life

If you’re a driving instructor or work in the traffic safety industry, no doubt you’ve run up against the specter of Grand Apathy. Just how on earth do you motivate people to be actually interested in driving safely? Keep improving at it? It’s one thing to teach driving as a mechanical series of prudent procedures, […]

It’s Not Just Alcohol Anymore: More Teens Are Driving Drugged

This post was co-written with Candace Lightner, President of We Save and founder of MADD, Mothers Against Drunk Drivers. Every time you get on the road, chances are good that you’re seeing drivers of all ages under the influence. Not necessarily on alcohol, but on drugs—both illicit and perfectly legal. Although the dangers of […]

Distracted Driving & Technology: It’s Not What You Think It Is—It’s Much Worse

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