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Safer driving involves minimizing accidents and injuries by implementing various behaviors. Tips for safer driving help ensure a safer road environment for all.

What Makes a Good and Bad Driver

In preparing for a discussion group recently on the subject, I’ve been thinking about what makes a good or lousy driver. This is a topic ripe for spirited debate, and it turns out there is as much controversy about what constitutes good driving as there are factors that actually determine it. Is it progress, safety, […]

Car Care: Not Just for Guys Anymore

Do you ever wish you knew when you need new tires? Do you know how to check which fluids go in which reservoirs under the hood? Could you change your own tire in an emergency? We women annually drive more miles in passenger vehicles than men, not only because we’re working but we tend to […]

Singing on the Ice

These winter days can be extremely treacherous ones on the road, what with sleet, black ice, freezing rain, drifting snow, whiteouts, or any combination thereof blanketing the pavement. Starting in late fall every year, reminders pop up on the radio and news for drivers to be mindful of changing conditions, to slow down, and allow […]

Banning of Texting

Last week, US news headlines were all atwitter after the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) recommended a nationwide ban on the use of all portable electronic devices while driving—including handsfree cell phones. This announcement was sparked by the NTSB’s final report on a chain-reaction crash in August 2010 in Missouri that involved a pickup truck, […]

Restarting the Engines

This past summer and fall turned out to be seasons of tremendous overextension for me, both personally and professionally. After May, intentions to write regularly on this blog sadly fell by the wayside like hundreds of soggy, windblown leaves on a stormy day. I traveled a lot this year, especially road trips on an epic […]

Save Gas and Prevent Traffic Jams: Don’t Brake

I estimate that on average I save gas by gaining an extra 50 to 70 miles per tank of fuel by using these techniques, as well as saving extra wear and tear on brake pads and shoes.

Lane Hygiene, Part 1: On the Highway

One problem I see constantly on the road are drivers not knowing how to smoothly and safely navigate their lanes. This is such a ubiquitous issue, one that involves safety, timing, traffic flow, road rage, constant near-misses, and accidents, that it warrants explanation on what the different lanes are for and how to drive in […]

Taking the Long Way: Cross-Country Driving

Several times a year I travel to the Midwest to visit family, and instead of booking a flight, I pack up the car and hit the road, all 3,800 miles from Seattle to Minnesota and back again. By myself. People always look at me like I’m crazy when they hear I am driving alone. Aren’t […]

Getting Involved: Audi UIA and SHRP2 Driving Studies

Big changes are on the horizon for car technology and drivers. So big, in fact, that a sea change is coming in how drivers and their vehicles will adapt to real-time traffic congestion and rapidly changing conditions in ways that are scarcely imaginable today. (More on this in future posts.) To this end, the German […]

What Makes a Good and Bad Driver

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