In the very near future, I’ll be writing a major article in Roundel magazine (the national publication of the BMW Car Club of America [CCA]) that covers the advanced driver-assistance systems of the new BMWs. These systems (called ADAS) include gee-whiz features like variable cruise control, automatic emergency braking, collision-avoidance, lane departure warning, lane keeping assistance, blind-spot detection, backup cameras, parking assistance, driver distraction monitoring, and even some forms of evasion assistance.

This tech is being delivered on many new vehicles from all sorts of automakers now, with the most advanced options predictably available on top-of-the-line models and fewer on lesser ones. These systems have the potential to reduce so many serious injuries and fatalities that some regulatory agencies in the US and Europe have already mandated things like backup cameras to be standard on all new cars, with automatic emergency braking systems to soon follow.

To prepare for writing this article, I’d like to get an idea of what you think about this ADAS tech, so I can address your concerns and thoughts. Do you own vehicles with these systems? Do you like them? Or not? Have you had bad or unexpected experiences with the tech? If so, what were the circumstances? Do you think they make life easier and reduce your driving stress, especially in very congested or extended stop-and-go situations? Have they ever saved you from dangerous situations? Do you take comfort in them being an omnipresent safety net of sorts? Or are you just confused or irritated by their complexity or how they work—or don’t?

I’ll be writing this article in the last half of May, so I’d love to get your comments by May 15 at the latest. Please feel free to comment on this blog post or email me directly at [email protected]

And I thank you enormously in advance for your insight—your contributions will directly influence this groundbreaking article!