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Safer driving involves minimizing accidents and injuries by implementing various behaviors. Tips for safer driving help ensure a safer road environment for all.

A September Update

Hello again! I hope you have all had a lovely summer. It has been a while, and I had not intended for this much time to have passed since my last blog post. The craziness of travel and work this spring just blurred right into the solstice months, and now it is nearly autumn. But, […]

Seeking Your Input: Thoughts on Driver-Assistance Technology

In the very near future, I’ll be writing a major article in Roundel magazine (the national publication of the BMW Car Club of America [CCA]) that covers the advanced driver-assistance systems of the new BMWs. These systems (called ADAS) include gee-whiz features like variable cruise control, automatic emergency braking, collision-avoidance, lane departure warning, lane keeping […]

Guest Profile: Candace Lightner, Founder of MADD and We Save Lives

Since I started my work in traffic safety advocacy nearly a decade ago, I’ve met many people whose passion, commitment, and vision go above and beyond what most of us could imagine. But then again, the loss of a child from a car crash has a way of motivating in a way few of us […]

Compassion in the New Year

Happy New Year! On the last day of 2018, I listened to an episode of Hidden Brain, a podcast hosted by Shankar Vedantam. Using science and storytelling, Hidden Brain explores how our unconscious minds influence our behavior and biases, and it is one of my favorite podcasts for this social-science junkie. It was a rerun of one of […]

On the Other Side of the Wheel: Working as a Rideshare Driver

Happy Holidays! With the holiday season fully upon us, you may be doing your fair share of shopping, partying, and imbibing. And in the process, especially with the last activity, you are hopefully hiring others to do the driving by summoning rideshare companies such as Uber and Lyft. I myself occasionally use Uber, especially when […]

Turning Back Time: A Strike Against Pedestrians—Literally

As we get ready to turn our clocks back an hour on November 4 here in the US, it’s worth remembering that this extra hour of darkness during the busiest times for traffic makes things extremely dangerous for everyone. Vehicle lighting expert Daniel Stern explains why and what all of us road users can do about […]

Lighting the Way with Daniel Stern (Part 2)

Last week we ran Part 1 of my interview with Daniel Stern, a vehicle lighting expert. This week, Daniel discusses when not to use your front fog lamps, what rear fog lamps are, whether you need to dip your high beams at night, and what can be done about those “phantom vehicles” traveling at night with only […]

Part 1: Lighting the Way with Guest Daniel Stern

Daniel Stern is an expert vehicle lighting consultant based in Vancouver, British Columbia, and Seattle.

999: What’s Your Emergency? Overtaking—Not an Accident

This video is from the UK television series 999: What’s Your Emergency?, which takes an intimate and frank look at modern Britain through the eyes of Cheshire emergency services on the front line.

A September Update

The Ultimate Ebook on Road-Tripping Driving Safety

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